My husband’s version

(from MY HUSBAND’s angle)

The 5 Pillars of Wisdom :

1 ) If there is a beautiful girl on bike, be sure she’s pedaling in the opposite direction .
( ” Beautiful” is not exactly the adjective he used)

2 ) A cyclist is waterproof.
( it goes without saying that this means that you go and ride even when it rains )

3 ) The difference is in the handle
( this, I have not yet understood )

4 ) If you are struggling and another cyclilst passes and greets you, take a deep  breath and greet him/her, pretending to be riding on flat ground, or even downhill.
(as far as I’m concerned , I  never greet back, as I am usually about to die )

5) Do not worry, after the curve, it’s going to flatten
( I prefer not to comment this … )

The 5 recommendations to me:
1) Stay in the slipstream!
2) Stay in the slipstream!
3 ) Stay in the slipstream!
4 ) Stay in the slipstream!
5 ) Stay in the slipstream!

( and I DON’T )

My husband’s 5 bans ( to me , of course) :

1) Never ask ” do you think it is going to rain ? ”
2 ) Never talk.
3) Do not answer your cell phone
4) Do not stop and talk to strangers who ask for directions
5 ) Never ask for directions

The 5 evergreen sentences, that he uses every single time we go and have a ride together:

1 ) you’re using too long of a chain: shorten it!
( answer: “this way?” And I always make a mess with the gear shifting )

2 ) admiring a breathtaking landscape “See what a beautiful place I brought you ? ”
( it does not matter if I have chosen the route )

3 ) He turns , looks at me and asks me: ” Is everything all right, love? ”
( then turns back without waiting for an answer )

4) After the curve it is going to flatten.
(I know, I’ve already written this, but this phrase is my nightmare)

5 ) Back home after riding our bikes for more than 100km ” Beautiful short ride today! ”
(Short ride ? ? I am DEAD!)

My husband cycling on the wonderful Vello-Toline

My husband cycling on the wonderful Vello-Toline cycling path.