Bike-shaped cookies!

(Versione in italiano qui)

While my friend Monica is finding any possible excuse in the world to postpone our next cycling ride,  I thought, in the meantime, to take the opportunity to share with you something different, but always linked to the cycling world.

I really like when I get the chance to be creative with my two little girls. I love arts and crafts and baking cakes and cookies with them. I love to see  the joy and enthusiasm in their eyes !

 Here come a recipe for something delicious for my husband, who is a  big big fan of cycling!


Bicycle-shaped cookies with custard cream and berries

Road bike cookies

We used the Thermomix , so I’ll put both the recipes – with the Thermomix and with the traditional method – Before you begin, though, let me remind you, if you are going to use frozen berries, to remove them from the freezer and put them to drain.

Let’s start !


Ingredients for cookies:

125 gms soften butter
100 gms caster sugar
2  medium eggs
400 gms plain Flour
½  a bag of vanillin
½ teaspoon of baking powder
Just a little bit of salt
zest of ½ lemon

With the Thermomix


1)   place strips of lemon zest in the Thermomix  bowl. Process for 20 seconds , speed 9.

 2) Add in all the other ingredients  30 sec. , speed 7

Empty the bow and place the mixture onto a table and roll it. I usually divide the dough  in two parts so that both my daughters can have fun at the same time. Then wrap the doughin cling film and rest in the refrigerator for about one  hour.

Traditional method

Place all ingredients on a counter and knead well until the dough has a smooth texture and gets firm. Wrap in a cling film  and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour.


( pre-heat the oven at 180 degrees)

1 ) Coat the baking tray with wet parchment paper

2) Take the dough from the fridge and I put on a lightly floured surface.  Divide the dough into small pieces and flatten them with your hands, to around half a centimeter thick.

3) Use your cookie cutters. ( for the wheels of the bike, we used a circle cookie cutter, for the other parts of the bike, we used an umbrella-shaped cookie cutter; we used only the part of the handle and with then used our hands to find make other shapes according to our needs).

4) Place the cookies on the baking tray

5) Bake until their browning at 180 °



500 g of  whole  Milk
100 g of white Sugar
2 Eggs
60 g of Flour
1 Untreated Lemon Peel
1 small bag of Vanillin


with the Thermomix:


Place the lemon peel and the sugar in the mixing bowl 20 Sec. Speed 9

Add in the other ingredients  8 Min. 90°C Speed 4

Traditional Method :

In a medium saucepan heat the milk  
to just below boiling point.

Peel yellow skin from lemon and grate

In another saucepan mix together the eggs, sugar and flour to get a smooth paste. (I used an electric mixer, but if you are the Bionic woman, hands are fine)

Add the Vanillin

Slowly pour over the hot milk and stir well, cconstantly, with a wooden spoon. Cook  until the custard thickens. When the cream is ready, pour into a bowl and cover with grin film, let it cool down  to room temperature.



When both the cookies and the custard cream cooled down enough, you can start decorating them!Top the cookies with the custard cream and then with the berries.

 Bicycle-shaped biscuit


With the remaining dough we made more cookies , putting the dough in the oven in molds in the shape of heart , but hearts are off topic
! 😉

cooking with kids


My husband’s version

(from MY HUSBAND’s angle)

The 5 Pillars of Wisdom :

1 ) If there is a beautiful girl on bike, be sure she’s pedaling in the opposite direction .
( ” Beautiful” is not exactly the adjective he used)

2 ) A cyclist is waterproof.
( it goes without saying that this means that you go and ride even when it rains )

3 ) The difference is in the handle
( this, I have not yet understood )

4 ) If you are struggling and another cyclilst passes and greets you, take a deep  breath and greet him/her, pretending to be riding on flat ground, or even downhill.
(as far as I’m concerned , I  never greet back, as I am usually about to die )

5) Do not worry, after the curve, it’s going to flatten
( I prefer not to comment this … )

The 5 recommendations to me:
1) Stay in the slipstream!
2) Stay in the slipstream!
3 ) Stay in the slipstream!
4 ) Stay in the slipstream!
5 ) Stay in the slipstream!

( and I DON’T )

My husband’s 5 bans ( to me , of course) :

1) Never ask ” do you think it is going to rain ? ”
2 ) Never talk.
3) Do not answer your cell phone
4) Do not stop and talk to strangers who ask for directions
5 ) Never ask for directions

The 5 evergreen sentences, that he uses every single time we go and have a ride together:

1 ) you’re using too long of a chain: shorten it!
( answer: “this way?” And I always make a mess with the gear shifting )

2 ) admiring a breathtaking landscape “See what a beautiful place I brought you ? ”
( it does not matter if I have chosen the route )

3 ) He turns , looks at me and asks me: ” Is everything all right, love? ”
( then turns back without waiting for an answer )

4) After the curve it is going to flatten.
(I know, I’ve already written this, but this phrase is my nightmare)

5 ) Back home after riding our bikes for more than 100km ” Beautiful short ride today! ”
(Short ride ? ? I am DEAD!)

My husband cycling on the wonderful Vello-Toline

My husband cycling on the wonderful Vello-Toline cycling path.